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International Mental Health Network for Expatriates

A network for expats who care about mental health

Charity Registration:VR725767
Our offer

Free Soul Hotline (30 min.)

No registration is required, first come first served.

To date, we have supported over 300 individuals in overcoming the challenges they have faced while living abroad and improving their mental well-being.


Wednesdays CET 20:30-22:30
Sundays CET 12:00-14:00
Zoom Meeting: 886 1813 8556
Password: 112112
Completely anonymous
No need to turn on the camera
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Public Seminars

Ms Yunrong Xu

How to communicate with our parents? Non Violent Communication










Hybrid Group Coaching and Therapy

We provide psychological support groups for individuals who are facing similar challenges. These groups offer a safe and confidential space where participants can share their experiences, receive support and guidance from our team of trained psychologists, and build a network of trust and understanding.


Networking Events for Expats

We also plan to organise annual network events for expats with fun games, organised market place and informative speeches. 

About us

International Mental Health Network for Expatriates (MENTAL-HEALTH.NETWORK) is a registered charity based in Germany. It was founded in 2022 by a group of psychologists, psychology enthusiasts, and industry experts who currently live or have lived abroad. We have a deep understanding of the mental health issues that expatriates face, as we have experienced them firsthand. We are familiar with the sense of isolation and longing that comes with leaving one’s home country and adapting to life in a foreign place. We also recognize the challenges of intercultural conflicts and language barriers that can lead to cultural shock.

Our team offers crucial assistance and empowering guidance to individuals who are facing challenges such as language barriers, cultural shock, intercultural conflicts, prejudice, bullying, and abuse. We recognize the significant impact that these issues can have on a person’s mental health, and we strive to provide a safe and supportive environment where individuals can receive the help they need. Our team is dedicated to promoting mental wellness and supporting the expatriate community in overcoming the obstacles they may encounter while living abroad.

Mission Statement

At MENTAL-HEALTH.NETWORK, we are dedicated to assisting expatriates in finding relief from common mental distress. We achieve this by providing self-help support groups, a free soul hotline and public seminars. Our goal is to create a supportive community and offer accessible resources to help individuals cope with the challenges of living abroad.


At MENTAL-HEALTH.NETWORK, we recognize the significance of preventative measures and we are dedicated to empowering expatriates to increase their awareness of common mental distress such as stress, burnout, depression, self-harm, and suicidal thoughts.


Thank you for helping us to malke a difference


IBAN:DE76 6425 1060 0013 7940 35


International Mental Health Network for Expatriates

Charity Registeration: VR 725767

Our Team

Dr. Fei Hong

Founding President

  • MSc. in Social Psychology at LSE, UK
  • PhD. in Clinical Psychology at Tuebingen University, Germany
  • Clinical Psychologist in Germany (Public Psychiatry & Private Praxis)
  • Former Commercial & HR Manager in two international companies

She is dedicated to advocate the importance of Mental Health. She has rare combination of deep understanding of both commercial and clinical fields.

Ms Yunrong Xu

Vice President

  • MSc. in Psychology at Chemnitz University, Germany
  • Certified Psychological Counsellor in China
  • Former Occupational Psychologist at the Federal Employment Agence, Germany
  • Certified Pilates and Yoga trainer

She is committed to combining her psychological expertise and sports training experience to implement preventive programs in health management to lead an active life.

Expert Commission​

Prof. Dr. Martin Hautzinger

Head of Expert Commission

  • Senior Professor of Clinical Psychology at Tuebingen University, Germany
  • Was 23 years the Head of the Department of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy and the Head of Psychotherapy Outpatient Clinic at the Tuebingen University, Germany
  • Key person for setting up the “German Clinic for Psychotherapy” at the Duhok University, Kurdistan, Nord-Iraq
  • Experty in Mood Disorder and Psychotherapy Research
  • Over his more than 45 years of professional career, he has published more than 300 books and more than 400 peer reviewed research publications. 
Dr. Yan Zhou

Expert Commission

  • Diplom und PhD in Clinical Psychology at Marburg University, Germany
  • Licensed Psychotherapist in Germany (approbation by German Law)
Dr. Marjorie Kinney

Expert Commission​

  • PhD. in Clinical Psychology at Tuebingen University, Germany
  • Experty in Peripartum Mental Health, Attachment Disorders and Depression

We need committed and active volunteers to join us to make a difference together.

Soul Hotline Counselor

Preferably with psychology background or equivalent life experiences, remote.

Marketing Intern

Preferably with Website Design or Social Media background or equivalent working experiences, remote.

Fundraising Intern

Preferably with some fundraising experience or has good resource, remote and preferably in BW, Germany.

What's next ?

We offer in return

Internship Certificate; Free or reduced fee for all events; Regular coaching sessions ; Supervisions&Team building events; Great satisfaction from a meaningful work.

How to join us

Send your actuel CV and motive to: Or reach us after our Events.

Contact Us

Contact Us



Wednesdays CET 20:30-22:30&Sundays CET 12:00-14:00

Zoom Meeting: 886 1813 8556

Password: 112112